Achiko ist ein internationales Team mit Niederlassungen in Jakarta, Seoul und Tapei.
Kontaktieren Sie uns, um mehr darüber zu erfahren, wie wir Ihnen helfen können, Ihr Geschäft in der Region auszubauen.
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Demand for e-activities such as gaming, e-commerce and internet bill payment is high in South East Asia due to high smart phone penetration, however, many people are unable to participate as they are unbanked without a bank account or credit card.


Starting with Achiko Pay, a leading game payment aggregator for the unbanked in Indonesia that was established in 2012, Achiko is building a highly scalable Pay and Play Social Platform that universally allows people across South East Asia to easily transact and engage in e-activities.

Provides you with fast, easy and reliable payment solutions through our various payment channel services.