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Chunhyok Chong
Chief Technology Officer

Chong Chunhyok has extensive experience in engineering social Apps and mobile Applications for major industry players, such as Time Warner for its Cartoon Network and Samsung for its Galaxy devices. After launching several sports arcade games, Mr. Chunhyok developed the music streaming service Melon, which rapidly became Korean's market leading application for Leon Entertainment. Publicly listed Kakao Group (035720:Korea SE) later acquired 76.4% of Leon Entertainment  for $1.55 Billion USD.  After Mr. Chunhyok's success with the online music store, he invented the e-commerce blockbuster service WeMakePrice, becoming South Korea's highest turnover e-commerce and advertising portal shortly after launch. Subsequently, he developed South Korea's social media platform Wonderpeople, which after adding to the e-commerce group portfolio, rapidly gained a user base greater than 10% of South Korea's entire population. WMP funded its further growth via $85 Million USD in venture financing, led by online gaming industry leader Nexon Group (TYO:3659). It has since increased its user base to over 10 Million subscribers in South Korea - home to 51 Million citizens.

Allen Wu


Allen Wu was born 1963 in Xiamen, China.  He entered Beijing University in 1980 for studies in international economics then in 1984 studies in international cultural exchange.  MORE>>

Kenneth Ting

Chief Executive Officer

Kenneth has extensive experience in the commercialization of technology. He has a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Law with First Class Honours from Adelaide University and MORE>>

Chris Young

Chief Operating Officer

Christopher Young is a delivery focused senior executive in financial services, investment banking and wealth management MORE>>